Emina in Mendocino Village.

Emina Skelic was born in Yugoslavia, today known as Bosnia and Herzegovina. Emina and her family settled in Boston, MA in 2000. She received her B.A at Green Mountain College, a small liberal art environmental college in Poultney, Vermont. Green Mountain College was a magical place tucked away in a small town in the mountains of Vermont.
After she graduated, Emina moved to the West coast, where she found her passion for food and wine. She currently resides in Mendocino County, in the Redwoods with her love and their bloodhound, Roscoe. Emina enjoys cooking, sipping wine and sharing her experiences with loved ones.

About The Collection…
Wild Poppy Collection represents the essence of Emina, enjoying the simple things in life that bring joy— food, wine and creating memories with loved ones. This is a space where you will find flavorful recipes and wine pairings inspired by Emina’s passion for delectable dishes and wine provisions. Wild Poppy Collection is a form of creative expression, a place for foodies to create dishes, explore the world of wine and share it with their loved ones. This is the place for your ultimate food adventure, where you can explore, learn and grow. We hope that The Wild Poppy Collection will bring you bliss and happiness with every bite! Cheers

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